No matter the make or model you drive, regularly scheduled maintenance is crucial for your vehicle. Keeping up with routine maintenance will help your Buick or GMC vehicle perform at its peak for longer, retain its beautiful design, and prolong its life. Thankfully, Musson Patout Buick GMC has a dedicated, friendly team of expert technicians that will gladly perform routine maintenance on your vehicle and have you back to driving with peace of mind in no time.

Below, we highlight vital maintenance procedures and reasons you should bring your ride to our professional Service Center in New Iberia for all your automotive service needs.

Keep Up with These Routine Services

Your Buick or GMC vehicle contains many parts and pieces that work together each time you start the engine, and these elements require regular attention. Here are some of the more common maintenance procedures our technicians at Musson Patout Buick GMC can perform at our Service Center near St. Martinville and why these services are essential for your vehicle:

  • Oil Change: One of the most common services to stay on top is a regular oil change. Your engine requires clean oil to lubricate all its moving parts and to remove harmful particles and debris that might be floating about. Over time, your engine's oil will deteriorate, potentially resulting in sludge build-up and costly repairs later down the road.

  • Battery Check/Replacement: Without a healthy battery, your vehicle won't do as much as turn on, let alone click on all the tech features you love. That's why it's equally important to have our technicians perform battery checks often, ensuring that your car has the necessary juice to turn on the engine and all the electrical components it contains. And if it's time for a new battery, we can help you find a good replacement and install it for you.

  • Brake Inspections: Your vehicle's brakes help you come to a stop, whether it's at a traffic light or in an emergency. Over time, your brake pads and hardware will start to lose efficiency, which you'll notice from longer braking time or a loud squealing sound when you brake. Visit our Service Center near Loreauville so that our technicians can inspect your brake hardware and let you know if it's time for replacement parts.

  • Wheel Alignment and Tire Rotation: Wheel alignments and tire rotations help ensure your tires are wearing evenly over time. Keeping up with this service will help your vehicle maintain peak fuel efficiency and traction on wet, slippery road surfaces. When the time comes for new tires, you'll be relieved to know Musson Patout Buick GMC has a wide variety of tires for sale in our Parts Center near Broussard.

The maintenance procedures mentioned above are some of the more common ones, but there's a lot more that goes into your vehicle. That's why it's crucial to visit our Service Center for regularly scheduled maintenance or inspections to check the health of your ride.

You Can Count on Our Service and Parts Centers near Lafayette

The staff in our Service Center and Parts Center at Musson Patout Buick GMC wants to help ensure you have many years of successful, fun travels in your beloved vehicle. We can do this by offering professional repairs and maintenance from our highly skilled technicians. And if you need a particular part or accessory to enhance your vehicle, we have a large assortment of genuine Buick and GMC parts for sale in our Parts Center.

Schedule a Visit or Order Parts Today

Whether you need our technicians to perform routine maintenance on your vehicle or a part to repair your ride, Musson Patout Buick GMC has you covered. So, schedule an appointment with our Service Center or place a parts order today.

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